Testimonials ForMary Jane Dunlop, Broker/Owner

Stegmann Testimonial

Dear Prospective Client:

It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to write a well-deserving recommendation for Mary Jane Dunlop.

I first worked with Mary Jane when we had to quickly sell our home due to a job relocation. She made sure we understood all of the financial and legal terms of our contract and the importance of having realistic expectations. Mary Jane marketed our home well, hosting open houses and giving private showings, as well as listing our home in various publications on the most accessible websites.

Mary Jane then went above and beyond what was expected of a Realtor. Because we needed to relocate out of state on such short notice, Mary Jane coordinated with our movers to finalize the packing and shipping of our household items. She arranged for a cleaning service to make sure our house was in the best shape for prospective buyers (I had recently had a baby and couldn’t do any heavy lifting or cleaning). Mary Jane also acted on our behalf to have our vehicles picked up and transported to our new home, waiting in the parking lot of a local grocery store for hours for the transport driver to arrive. Without all of the extra effort Mary Jane put forth, our move would not have gone as smoothly as it did for us. And we got top dollar for our home, too!

Mary Jane has demonstrated her professionalism and ability to make the impossible possible on a daily basis. She is always prepared, able to problem sole and able to work through any challenges that come her way. I am confident that Mary Jane would do an outstanding job as your Realtor professional.

Please feel free to contact me at 715-298-2585, if you need additional information.


Kelly Stegmann